JAUPT Approved Courses

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For our full range of JAUPT approved Driver's CPC courses.

Defensive Driver Training

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Our on road practical training course, provides your driver with necessary skills to drive safely and systematically.

Eco Driving

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Our Eco driving course will show you how to drive in a more efficient and relaxed manner, helping to reduce your fuel consumption and repair costs.

SAFED for Vans

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This course will teach your driver the driving techniques that will help to reduce fuel consumption, improve vehicle sympathy and reduce risk.

UK Road Familiarisation

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Suitable for any driver unfamiliar with driving in the UK, aims to enhance their existing road skills and knowledge.

Car and Trailer Towing

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Our training is ideal for company or individual drivers who require the B+E category to be added to their licence.

Licence Acquisition Process

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A step by step guide to the various stages needed in obtaining a category D1 minibus licence.

Practical D1 Training

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This course is for all drivers who want to upgrade their car licence to enable them to drive a category D1 (minibus).

Do you need D1/DriverCPC?

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If you are driving a minibus for a living, you maybe required to hold a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

D1 Driver Training FAQ

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Planning to drive a minibus. Make sure you're fully qualified.

Learner Driver

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Whether it's your first time behind the wheel or you've already started to learn to drive, with the DAB Plus learners will help you pass your driving test and be a responsible driver.

Full Licence Holder

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Are you seeking to improve your overall driving skills? At DAB Plus Driver Training we can help prepare you for two of the UK’s leading advanced driving tests.


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For our full range of MiDAS Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme courses.

Out in 3

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"Out in 3" Evacuation, is an essential one day course for drivers and escorts of minibuses, coaches and buses.


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